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» What Can Our Zip Code Data Do For You?

What can ZIP Code Download do for your business?

Our customer studies have overwhelmingly shown - The use of our high-impact ZIP Code Data enables you to:

Increase and Revitalize Sales

One of the most frequently asked questions in business is: How can we increase sales? The Answer? Know your customer.

It sounds easy - and sometimes it is. But do you have access to vital data to help you really know your customers?

The ZIP Code Database empowers you to know your customers better. How? Think for a moment about what a ZIP Code is. (Yes, we know, it's a postal delivery route.) But what is it used for?

One answer is the US Census, the demographics experts. ZIP Codes are a major building block for almost ANY type of data-gathering. It's always done with ZIP Codes.

When you make a sale, your company gathers data, and our guess is, they also grab the ZIP Code. You can easily identify customers through their ZIP Code.

Do you want to know your customers better and increase sales? Buy the ZIP Code Download ZIP Code Database

Increase Qualified Leads

Let's take a moment and analyze what a lead is. A lead can be qualified as a person who is interested in "purchasing" something. Someone who is trying to make up their mind.

What helps a person make up their mind is information. This is where "copywriting" or "marketing copy" comes into play because it's fact-filled, yet fun to read. But first and foremost it's connecting a consumer to the information.

Ever read the phone book for fun? Neither do we. Then why do you use it? You're looking for information. Therefore, your primary goal should be to help the consumer find the information he or she is looking for.

That's where a ZIP Code Database comes into play. Since almost everything is built to be "tied-in" to ZIP Codes, if you allow your users to find the information they need by typing in a ZIP Code, you'll spark more interest and generate more qualified leads...and then...sales.

All because of a simple list of ZIP Codes...who would have thought?!

Identify Customer Demographics

How many different ways do we use ZIP Codes? I can probably name several hundred. One of the most valuable ways is used by a government agency called - The US Census Bureau.

These guys keep demographic information on everyone in the United States. Once every 10 years, they publish their findings.

Now, if you have a product, you probably gather, among other things, ZIP Codes at the time of sale. You've probably noticed that your product sells better in certain ZIP Codes.

This is because people who live in a ZIP Code tend to have similar demographics. Case in point, Los Angeles versus Nebraska. These two US locations have different demographics, wouldn't you say?

To identify your customers, all you really need to do is run your customer lists against the ZIP Code database (to find out where the ZIP Codes are) and then look at your data.

If you sell more in Nebraska, then say, Los Angeles, you know you're customer base and you can now target them more effectively AND you can also figure out why people in Los Angeles don't buy your product.

Can you believe it? Something as simple as a ZIP Code database can help you identify your customers. Click here to learn more...

Spark Web Visitor Interest

Nothing's worse than a boring site. You know what I'm talking about. The content is the same day in and day out. You'll go there once and that's it.

But if you've got ZIP Code data, you can make your content interactive and more dynamic.

Let's look at doing a radius search. If you have a website that has information (which contains a ZIP Code), such as a classifieds site, a personals/singles site, etc. - you can add searching to your site with this data.

Stop for a many websites have you visited that had a radius searching capability? Did it help you find what you were looking for? That's what we're talking about here. Your user enters his or her ZIP Code and the distance...and wallah! Results.

Because your site is interactive, you'll keep visitors (and customers) coming back again and again.

Guarantee Data Integrity

Do you get tired of customers entering false information on your web forms? It's a source of constant annoyance to have to manually weed out the bad information before processing the data.

With our ZIP Code Database, that will be a thing of the past.

With the ZIP Code Download data you've got a completely accurate source of information. When a user enters information, just check it against the ZIP Code Database. If a match is found, then let the customer continue. Otherwise, you know you've got incorrect information and you can then take care of the problem.

If you're looking for the most effective solution, get ZIP Code Download's ZIP Code Database in either the Basic, Premium, or Commercial version. Also available is Canadian Postal Code Data