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Why is our Zip Code data more accurate?

When you buy our ZIP Code Database, remember that you're getting the highest quality data on the internet. Why? Because our data is NOT just government data!

ZIP Code Download enhances and verifies official USPS zip code data to bring you value that you can't get anywhere else. Our latitude and longitude coordinates are hand verified. We append information such as Area Codes, MSA Codes, and Time Zone information to every postal code in our zip code database and postal code database. We guarantee you the most precise data on the internet and stand behind this with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Our industry-standard US ZIP Code products have been setting the pace for postal code related data products both on and off the internet.

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Canadian Data
With our Canadian postal information, you can stay ahead of the competition and more fully target a vastly ignored market.   

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Desktop Applications
Our award-winning desktop applications enable you to get the results you need - fast.

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Programming APIs
Introducing the power tools of ZIP Code information. Because it's about your code, your budget, and getting the job done quickly.

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Some of our favorite product combinations bundled together in one download.

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