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The United States Postal Service release updates to their databases on a monthly basis. At ZIP Code Download we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality data available. In order to live up to your expectations we deliver the most current releases of US ZIP code data and Canadian postal code data.

Many assume that ZIP and postal codes remain constant with few changes. This is far from truth. The reality is that changes are made to ZIP code databases frequently. ZIP codes are mail routes, and when a mail route changes, a ZIP code changes.

The most common changes to the USPS data each month include the following:
  • Additions and deletions of ZIP codes
  • Additions, deletions, and changes to city names
  • Changes to area codes
  • Changes to the primary county and latitude/longitude coordinates due to population shifts
This is just a sample of the types of changes that you can expect in a 5-digit ZIP code database every month. When you start dealing with ZIP+4 data, the number of changes are even more dramatic - in one year there can be over 4 million changes to the data. Canadian data will have about 100,000 changes in a year. As you can see, after just few months your data can become very outdated.

At a minimum, we recommend that businesses update their data on a quarterly basis, but for the majority it is necessary that data is updated monthly. Please contact ZIP Code Download for information on simplifying and automating these updates.

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