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ZipCode Download provides FTP link. You can automate the process of retrieving dataset by using our FTP link. The purpose of this document is to provide a quick reference for connecting and exchanging information between two systems. This document describes a typical process for an interactive or automated, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) session.



The above FTP link of ZipCode Download is used to automate the process of downloading the file. The FTP link has three headers with a specific format which we need to set. The format is explained below with an example.

1.File Name:

Our file name format is : apr2017_commercial_csv.zip
apr - First three letters are of month you want to download the file apr for April.
2017 - year of the updated file
commercial - Product you are using .
csv - File Format
.zip - append .zip as you will get the file in zip format.

2.User Name:

This is your registered email id associated with zipcodedownload.


Password for zipcodedownload.


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