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USA ZIP Code Databases

Our US ZIP Code database products include complete ZIP Code lists you can use to validate addresses, perform distance & radius searches, target customers in your list, and more!

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Canadian Postal Code Databases

Affordable Canadian Postal Code lists including latitude and longitude, area codes, and more! 

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USA & Canada Zip Code API

Our Web Service can be used in your live appplications to automate your downloads. Its updated automatically every month.

Zip Code API >>

Distance & Radius Programming APIs

The power tools of ZIP Code information. Quickly add distance & radius searches by ZIP Code to your websites or applications. Great for 'nearest store' locators!

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USA & Canada ZIP Code Data

Some of our favorite product combinations bundled together in one download.

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Lookup Desktop Applications

The power of ZIP Code Download on your desktop. Our award-winning software programs enable you to get the results you need - fast.

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