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USA - 5-digit ZIP Code Data Overview >>

Picture of USA - 5-digit ZIP Code Database, Basic Edition
Summary: The most comprehensive, accurate, and complete source of ZIP Code data is yours. Download a list of every single ZIP Code in the USA - including all states and territories. Perfect for making your website or product more interactive Find out more about these products >>

USA - ZIP+4 Data Overview >>

Picture of USA - ZIP+4 Database, Basic Edition
Summary: Introducing ZIP+4 Data - 5-digit data is still the fastest and easiest way to work with ZIP Codes, but when you need raw power and the most comprehensive list of ZIP Codes anywhere, our ZIP+4 data products are the best candidates for the job. Need to turn addresses into ZIP Codes or vice versa? This product has the information you need. Find out more about these products >>

USA - Multi-county Data Overview >>

Picture of USA - 5-digit  Multi-County ZIP Code Database
Summary: Did you know that almost 25% of ZIP Codes cross county lines? Now there's a way to tell what ZIP Codes belong to what counties - thanks to the USA - Multi-county Data product family.

Statistical Data Overview >>

Picture of USA - CBSA Database
Summary: Do you need an effective way to assign database records to an industry of metropolitan area? With our CBSA or NAICS Databases, you will be able to group ZIP Codes into Metropolitan Areas or categorize businesses by industry classifications. Find out more about these products >>

Area Code Databases Overview >>

Picture of Area Code Database NPA NXX, Commercial Edition
Summary: Area Code Database NPA NXX, Commercial Edition

Census MultiLevel Demographic Database Overview >>

Picture of Census Multi Level Demographic Database, Premium Edition
Summary: The 2010 Census Multi Level Database is the demographics data for the United States summed up at the County, State, National, and Congressional District level. For each level, you can see the population, population by age and gender, households, and much more.Our Census Multi Level Demographic Database Premium Edition is created to allow for easy use and manipulation.

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