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Canada Data Products: 6-digit Postal Code Database

Canada - 6-digit Postal Code Data, Basic Edition

Last Updated : July, 2024

The Most Comprehensive Canadian Postal Code Database Available.

The most comprehensive, accurate, and complete Postal Code database is now yours. Our 6 Digit Canadian Postal Code Database products are Commercial Class data perfect for enterprise and simple applications.

Our Postal Code Database is put into row and column format for easy use and access. Perfect tool for building your website, marketing, store locator, making your products more interactive and much more.

With over 19 years experience leading the Postal Code and Zip code database markets, our more than 60,000+ customers have relied on our accurate and clean data to fill their postal code data needs.

Our data is delivered monthly and we work hard to provide fast and exceptional support. Zipcodedownload is ready to be your postal code data partner. All of our databases come with a30-day Money Back Guarantee,so try us out today.

  • Accurate: Updated Monthly with USPS updates
  • Comprehensive: All States, Cities, Territories, & PO Boxes Included
  • Options: Basic, Premium, and Commercial Options available
  • Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Simple: CSV, Microsoft Access, Fixed Width, Excel, Tab Delimited (MySQL compatible)
  • Trusted: Used by 60,000+ companies since 2002

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How does your data differ from other Canada postal code data?

We provide monthly updates to all of our Canada Postal Codes and have been doing so since 2002. Our data comes from multiple sources and we work hard to keep it accurate for our customers. Our data is generally more accurate and extensive as we append additional fields to improve the data for our customers.

Zip Code Download's Guaranteed Data Integrity

Do you get tired of customers entering false information on your web forms? It's a constant annoyance to have to manually weed out the bad information before processing the data.

With our Postal Code Database you have a completely accurate source of information. When a user enters information, just check it against the Postal Code Database. If a match is found, then let the customer continue. Otherwise, you know you've got incorrect information and you can then take care of the issue.

What is the structure of the Postal Code?

The Postal Code is a six-character uniformly structured, alphanumeric code in the form “ANA NAN” where “A” represents an alphabetic character and “N” represents a numeric character. A Postal Code is made up of two segments: “forward sortation area” and “local delivery unit.

The forward sortation area is a combination of three characters (alpha-numeric-alpha). It identifies a major geographic area in an urban or a rural location.

The local delivery unit is a combination of three characters (numeric-alpha-numeric). It identifies the smallest delivery unit within a forward sortation area.

How will your postal code data improve my business?

Our database can guarantee your data integrity. Are you tired of your customers entering incorrect information on your web forms? Let your frustration be a thing of the past, because with the ZIP Code Download data, you have a totally accurate source of information. You can check every users information against the Postal Code Database. You’ll know right away whether or not match is found, and can redirect the customer to enter correct information if they failed to provide accurate information. If you're looking for the most effective solution, get ZIP Code Download's Postal Code Directory in either the Basic, Premium, or Commercial version. Also available is Zip Code Postal Code Data.