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USA Zip Code Products: 5-Digit Zip Code Database

USA - 5-digit ZIP Code Database, Basic Edition

Last Updated : July, 2024

The Most Comprehensive ZIP Code Database Available.

The most comprehensive,accurate,and complete Zip Code database is now yours.Our 5 digit ZIP Code database products are Commercial Class data perfect for enterprise and simple applications.

Our ZIP Code Database is put into row and column format for easy use and access.Perfect tool for building your website,marketing,store locator,making your products more interactive and much more.

With over 19 years experience leading the Zip Code and Postal code database markets,our more than 60,000 customers have relied on our accurate and clean data to fill their zip code data needs.

Our data is delivered monthly and we work hard to provide fast and exceptional support.Zipcodedownload is ready to be your zip code data partner.All of our databases come with a30-day Money Back Guarantee,so try us out today.

  • Accurate:Updated Monthly with USPS updates
  • Comprehensive:All States,Cities,Territories,&PO Boxes Included
  • Options:Basic,Premium,and Commercial Options available
  • Guarantee:30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Simple:CSV,Microsoft Access,Fixed Width,Excel,Tab Delimited(MySQL compatible)
  • Trusted:Used by 60,000+companies since 2002

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Why use a ZIP Code Database?

Our 5 digit ZIP Code Database is a listing of all ZIP Codes put into row and column format for ease of use. It contains over 100 unique fields of information and covers every ZIP code in the United States and Territories. ZIP Code Download enhances and verifies official USPS zip code data to bring you value that you can't get anywhere else. Our latitude and longitude coordinates are hand verified and we append information such as Area Codes, MSA Codes, and Time Zone information to every postal code in our zip code database. We guarantee you the most precise data on the internet and stand behind this with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Zip Code Data comes in different file types, all of which are made available to you. You can download the ZIP Code Database in Access, Excel, CSV, SQL, and fixed width for quick and easy download and importing. We also provide FTP Access to assist you to automate the delivery of the Database every month as well as a webservice/ API.

Zip Code Download's Guaranteed Data Integrity

Do you get tired of customers entering false information on your web forms? It's a constant annoyance to have to manually weed out the bad information before processing the data.

With our ZIP Code Database you have a completely accurate source of information. When a user enters information, just check it against the ZIP Code Database. If a match is found, then let the customer continue. Otherwise, you know you've got incorrect information and you can then take care of the issue.

Are there different types of ZIP Codes?

The USPS has assigned each ZIP Code a "type". Why? It helps them sort mail more quickly.

  • S - Standard - A "standard" ZIP Code is what most people think of when they talk about ZIP Codes - essentially a town, city, or a division of a city that has mail service.
  • P - PO Box Only - Rural towns, groups of towns, or even high-growth areas of cities are given a "PO Box Only" ZIP Code type.
  • U - Unique - Companies, organizations, and institutions that receive large quantities of mail are given a "unique" ZIP Code type.
  • M - Military - Military bases overseas - and often vessels and ships - are given a "military" ZIP Code type.

Our ZIP Code Database contains a 'Classification Code' column indicating each ZIP Code type by its letter. With this you can select the exact ZIP Code type you need or check if a provided ZIP Code has special limitations .

How will your zip code data improve my business?

Our database can guarantee your data integrity. Are you tired of your customers entering incorrect information on your web forms? Let your frustration be a thing of the past, because with the ZIP Code Download data, you have a totally accurate source of information. You can check every users information against the Zip Code Database. You’ll know right away whether or not match is found, and can redirect the customer to enter correct information if they failed to provide accurate information. If you're looking for the most effective solution, get ZIP Code Download's ZIP Code Directory in either the Basic, Premium , or Commercial version. Also available is Canadian Postal Code Data.