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» Solutions - Address verification – What Does It Do?


Address verification is an integral part of big business, a tool to move information and delivery quickly and accurately from businessman to customer.  Accurate transactions move world-wide, facilitated by use of the mailer’s zip code database, minimizing or eliminating lost mailings, duplications, and partial-address guesswork. 

Web-access products deliver corrected information via real-time processing, producing ‘clean’ lists in minutes with no software to download or install.  This alone saves significant operational dollars.  The website is secure, guaranteeing the privacy of each transaction.  The web program integrates seamlessly with the user’s own website or software and is fully scalable to any size operation.  Web service is ‘green’ – no paper, software, or packaging to deal with.  You can use the service to process a list of addresses, to send out a mailing, even to verify addresses on a website.  Expediting these functions with speed, accuracy, and economy can be nothing but good for your company.

Zip code database web service performs multiple tasks.  Among them, it standardizes address lists, putting them in consistent format for smoother use.  It locates the address and determines whether it is real and valid.  It corrects zip codes, adds the plus-4 digits, and supplies missing or partial zip code numbers.  It adds newly designated zip codes as needed.  It flags missing apartment and suite numbers and private mailboxes, supplies carrier route information, and corrects or adds county data.  It can specify undeliverable addresses.  And such a web service will also generate Cass summary reports and PostNet Delivery Point barcodes.

There are obvious benefits to having your zip code database kept cleaned and updated.  You will see an increase in the amount of mailings delivered, generating an increase in response rates and a decrease in lost contacts with valuable customers or potential customers, thereby enhancing your customer service.  Your operational budget will see savings from a decrease in handling, postage, and re-shipping fees and the elimination of returns and associated costs.  A clean zip code list will identify bad addresses.  Best of all, perhaps, packages will arrive on time, the first time.  Customers will notice.

Every business needs to maintain a strong, positive interface with its customer base.  Secure, timely transactions, conducted without the twin irritants of delay and confused mailings, will contribute to the positive reputation you are trying to build; and an up-to-date zip code database is going to help you build that positive business relationship.

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