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Reduce Keystrokes & Improve Data by Automatically Adding Cities & States

Do you want to automatically add the city, state, or even county to an address when the customer enters their ZIP Code? Are you looking for a great way to reduce keystrokes for data entry? ZIP Code Download has affordable databases that will allow you to easily implement this feature!

The ZIP Code Download Solution

ZIP Code Download provides the databases that include ZIP Codes or Postal Codes with all their associated cities, states, and counties. These databases are updated monthly with official data from the USPS and acurate Canadian Postal Code data, so you can be confident that you'll always have the most up-to-date data available. When you purchase a suscription, the updated data can be downloaded from your account each month.

How it Works

Most of our users start by allowing users to enter their ZIP Codes. Based off this information, you can either automatically fill-in the default city, state, or county or give the customer a drop-down list where they can select from the available options. The information is obtained from the database you recieve from ZIP Code Download.

What You'll Need

In order to implement this solution from ZIP Code Download, you'll need an experienced programmer and one or more of our databases. While our products come in many different versions, these are the recommended versions for this solution. Other versions can be viewed on each product page.

USA 5-digit ZIP Code Database

Just $99.95

USA 5-digit ZIP Code Database, Commercial Edition
Includes ZIP Code, City, State, Lat/long, Area Codes, Primary County, Time Zones, MSA, FIPS, and more.

Canada 6-digit Postal Code Database

Just $249.95

Canada 6-digit Postal Code Database, Commercial Edition
Includes Postal Code, City, Province, Lat/long, Area Codes, Time Zones, and more.

USA Multi-county Database

Just $299.95

USA Multi-county Database, 5-digit Edition
Includes ZIP Code, state, and all associated counties (including alternate counties).

USA & Canada Postal Code Database

Just $319.95

USA & Canada Postal Code Database, Combined Edition
The complete USA & Canada Commercial Editions in one database.

Why Choose ZIP Code Download?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose ZIP Code Download:

  • Lowest price on the net!
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Updated monthly with official USPS data
  • Site license - you may install our products on all computers within your company or organization
  • Free customer support and assistance from knowledgable reps
  • Used by more Fortune 500 Companies

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