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Zip Code Database with City, State, FIPS, Latitude & Longitude and more

The Most Comprehensive ZIP Code Database with Latitude and Longitude.

Available from the #1 Rated Zip Code Database Provider.

Our ZIP Code Database is complete set of all the U.S. ZIP code data put into an easy to use row and column format. This makes it so much easier for you and your developers to manage. With comprehensive and useable fields of information and, of course, every ZIP code in the United States, Our zip code database gives you an unlimited number of ways to utilize the US ZIP Code data and geo data information.

Zipcodedownload products are great tools for marketing, store location, building websites, sales software, demographic analysis and general analysis. The most comprehensive, accurate, and complete source of ZIP Code data is yours. Perfect for making your website or product more interactive.

Our 5-digit ZIP Code data works great as a ZIP Code directory and is the perfect solution for developers who need raw ZIP Code data. All of our databases come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee , so try us out today. Find out more...

Product Features & Benefits
  • Useful for distance and radius ZIP Code searches
  • Lowest Price on the Net
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Updated Monthly with official USPS data
  • Raw text formats compatible with any database, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Access, and Postgre SQL
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • Site License - you may install this product on all computers within your organization
  • Used by more Fortune 500 Companies -, American Express, AOL Time Warner, Apple Computer, Inc., AT&T, Bank One, FedEx, Ford Motor Co., Kodak, Microsoft Corp., Walmart, Wells Fargo & Company and many more.

Why Choose Us?
  • We are a licensed distributor of the U.S. Postal Service ZIP code data
  • We offer all of the important data fields at a lower price
  • Download to as many computers as you like
  • We give you 12 months of updates - we update our data each month
  • Immediate download upon purchase
  • We are a U.S. based company
  • Tools & Resources to help you achieve your goals more efficiently
  • Unlimited number of users included in all prices
  • Multiple data formats - Microsoft Excel 97 (or later), Microsoft Access 97 & 2000 (or later), comma-separated values, fixed-width format, and tab-delimited format.
  • Free FTP Access for all of our customers
  • Our customer support is the best on the web
  • We have been in business for over 12 years!
USPS Mail Deliver

Do ZIP Codes or Postal Codes have a center?

No, they don't. ZIP Codes were never meant to identify a geographic region, they're simply routes taken to deliver mail. We use the boundaries created by the mail routes to create a geographic region and assign the ZIP Code lat/long coordinates.

Are there incorrect or misspelled cities in your zip code database?

There are three types of cities in our databases. They are indicated by the CityType column. • D - Default - This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well. • A - Acceptable - This name can be used for mailing purposes. Often times alternative names are large neighborhoods or sections of the city/town. In some cases a ZIP Code may have several "acceptable" names which is used to group towns under one ZIP Code. • N - Not Acceptable - A "not acceptable" name is, in many cases, a nickname that residents give that location. According to the USPS, you should NOT send mail to that ZIP Code using the "not acceptable" name when mailing. The USPS includes the Not Acceptable city names to assist with data validation. If you do not want these names to display in your application, filter all the "N" CityTypes from the database. If you want to display only one city for each ZIP Code, display only the "D" CityType.

What are 'Alternate Cities in the zip code database'?

In many cases, a ZIP Code can have multiple "names", meaning cities, towns, or subdivisions, in its boundaries. Alternate names show additional names that are a part of that ZIP Code or postal code - but are not necessarily the "primary" or "default" name.

Why do I get some US ZIP Codes that are not 5-digits long?

The problem you're seeing with the "4-digit or 3-digit ZIP Code" isn't really a problem with our data at all, in fact, it has to do with Microsoft Excel and other programs that read the Tab or CSV file. They're trying to read the first column as an integer. When they see zeros, they get rid of them. The ZIP Code you see 501 should be 00501. You may need to use a "text-import" feature in order to get the columns to render properly as "text" and not numbers.

Which zip code product has county information?

The USA 5-digit Commercial Edition has the primary county for each ZIP Code and the ZIP+4 Premium Edition has the County FIPS Code for each ZIP+4. We also offer a Multi-County product that indicates whether or not ZIP Codes cross into multiple counties.

Which zip code database contain latitude & longitude data?

Both the USA 5-digit and Canada 6-digit Premium & Commercial Editions, along with our USA & Canada Bundled database, have lat/long info. You can view these products on our product page.