Why Do Organizations Need Zip Code Data to Succeed?

While developing and managing CRM systems for many years, it has become clear that organizations are missing out on substantial opportunities to grow sales. What are the main challenges at hand:

  • The CRM database is growing rapidly and is becoming unstructured.

  • We can not effectively run marketing and sales activities across cities, counties, or even metro areas.

  • The sales team needs to know where to focus their efforts.

Without geo data to structure and enhance the existing CRM, and without market data to track against current market share, it’s impossible to effectively manage sales growth.

  • Are we adding sales reps in the right geographical areas?

  • Are we marketing in the right places?

  • What is our market share across zip codes, counties, and metro areas?

And when these questions go unanswered, organizations stand to lose millions of dollars in potential revenue.

Need for Geographic Structure Based on Zip Codes

For your organization to know your market potential and track sales performance, a geographic zip code structure for CRM data should be put in place.

The solution is to add a complete zip code database from Zipcodedownload to your Salesforce organization. Each zip code must hold data points such as city, county, metropolitan area, number of companies and demographics to describe your growth. Each existing CRM record will then automatically link to a zip code, instantly creating 43,000+ micro-markets. All market data by Zip code is rolled up into cities, counties, sales territories, and regions, providing your team with unprecedented analytics.

Now, that you have put a powerful geographic structure in place, all CRM data is automatically organized by sales region and territories. Leads are instantly routed to the right sales representative. You can adjust ownership across 100,000 contact records in minutes. It’s now possible to give everyone powerful search capabilities, plus powerful geographic drill-down reports and dashboards.

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