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Address verification – What Does It Do?- Thursday, July 12, 2012

Address verification is an integral part of big business, a tool to move information and delivery quickly and accurately from businessman to customer.  Accurate transactions move world-wide, facilitated by use of the mailer’s zip code database, minimizing or eliminating lost mailings, duplications, and partial-address guesswork.


Web-access products deliver corrected information via real-time processing, producing ‘clean’ lists in minutes with no software to download or install.  This alone saves significant operational dollars.  The website is secure, guaranteeing the privacy of each transaction.  The web program integrates seamlessly with the user’s own website or software and is fully scalable to any size operation.  Web service is ‘green’ – no paper, software, or packaging to deal with.  You can use the service to process a list of addresses, to send out a mailing, even to verify addresses on a website.  Expediting these functions with speed, accuracy, and economy can be nothing but good for your company.

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