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Everything you need to know about ZIP Code Data

Everything you need to know about ZIP Code Data

In the United States, ZIP code data is made publicly available by the United States Census Bureau. It can be accessed online through the Census Bureau's website for statistical purposes related to people, households, the type of occupation that the head of the household holds, and various pieces of information related to public housing if available. Personal information is available as of the 2010 Census.

It is also possible to use the Census Bureau's information to look up details related to businesses. The ZIP code datarecords include information related to a business' annual turnover and receipt size. However, these records are slightly out of date in comparison to those that are publicly available when it comes to personal information. The most recent business records date back to 2007.

Users are also able to look up information from the ZBP, or ZIP Business Pattern, using the very same database. This is perhaps a better solution for those seeking more generalized information as establishments are arranged according to employment size and industry. The ZBP also contains a broader range of information than what's found in the Economic Census ZIP Code Statistics. It is published biannually and can be searched back to 1994.