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The Magic of the Zip Code API

The Magic of the Zip Code API

Zip codes seem pretty simple, they are just a set of numbers identifying a specific area, but without them it would take a lot longer to receive mail and with less address accuracy. By incorporating a zip code database into an API tool that can easily be added into your websites checkout page, customers can quickly type their address verify that your site has the correct address listed. The Zip Code API performs address autocompletion and validation, so you can verify the customer did not make a mistake in inputting their address. Simplifying the checkout process brings tremendous benefits as customers are less likely to become bored or frustrated making them less likely to leave your site without completing the purchase.

The Zip Code API can do more than just speed up the customer check-out process, additional benefits include distance, radius, and location tools so you can easily compute where your customers are located in relation to each other. The best part is the Zip Code Data is updated monthly so you never have to worry about inaccurate or changed zip codes.

See how the API tools works by visiting out website and entering your own zip code.