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Online Fraud Protection: zip code data with IP data

Online Fraud Protection: zip code data with IP data 

Online fraud is growing and online businesses are only successful when their users are confident that the site or service is safe and secure. 

IP Intelligence helps you to understand geographical and network information related to the user’s IP address. With geolocation data, business rules become more precise and accurate, which will help you to Prevent fraud, mitigate risk, reduce false transactions, and support fraud chargeback management.  Many companies combine zip code data with IP data to better understand their customers.  

You can use IP Intelligence to:

Detect Credit Card Fraud

Identify Gaming Fraud

Improve authentication security

User authentication

Click fraud detection/prevention

Fraudulent transaction detection/prevention

Know who’s hiding behind a proxy

Zip Code Database Updates - My Subscriptions

Zip Code Database Updates - My Subscriptions

Over the last several weeks we have rolled out improvements to the “My Subscriptions” area of our site.  Downloading your zip code data, renewing your data, and upgrading are now easier than ever.  We encourage all zipcodedownload customers past and present to login and check out the new features at


If you have had a chance to interact with Sean Sweeney then you have received support from our 2012 Support Rep of the Year.  Congratulations to Sean for all his hard work and dedication to our zipcodedownload customers.


Everything you need to know about CBSA Codes

Everything you need to know about CBSA Codes

CBSA Codes were introduced in June 2003 by the Executive Branch of the United States under the Office of Management and Budget as a way to determine which areas in the USA had a high-degree of "cohesiveness" or interaction with each other. For example, all the cities and towns around Chicago, IL interact primarily with Chicago - knowing this information helps companies better identify their customers as well as divide sales territories.

For larger metro areas, this database also includes the Metropolitan Division (if any) in which the ZIP code lies.  Not all ZIP Codes have a CBSA code assigned to them such as rural and "middle of nowhere" ZIP Codes.

CBSAs and Metropolitan Divisions are five-digit numeric codes assigned to the 960 metropolitan, micropolitan, and division statistical areas defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a part of the administrative branch of the Federal Government.

USA - CBSA Database. The database includes ZIP Code, County FIPS, CSA Code, CSA Name, CBSA Code, CBSA Name, CBSA Type, Div Code, Div Name. The ZIP Code list is available in the following formats: Microsoft Excel 97 (or later), Microsoft Access 97 & 2000 (or later), comma-separated values, fixed-width format, and tab-delimited format. All formats are included with your purchase, and they can be imported into most databases and spreadsheets.

Zipcodedownload Voted #1 for the 11th year in a Row

Zipcodedownload Voted #1 for the 11th year in a Row

Recently, zipcodedownload was rated the #1 provider for zip code data for the 11th year in a row.  We are proud of our ranking and take great pride in providing our thousands of customers with the best and most accurate zip code database anywhere.  

When we launched 11 years ago we were the first company to provide an accurate, up to date downloadable zip code database.  We expanded our product line over the years to include Canadian postal codes and Mexican zip code databases. 

Most recently, we launched the first zip code api to the public, making it easy for customers to plug into up to data zip code data.  Thousands have taken advantage of this new service to automate their web sites, software and apps.  

As we look forward to the next ten years, we plan to keep your trust and continue to be the #1 provider of zip code data online.  Thank you for your trust!

Canada Post striving to Modernize


 Canada Post striving to Modernize

The way Canada Post delivers mail really hasn't changed in decades.  In an effort to become more competitive, Canada Post is looking to modernize and position itself for future growth and potentially new products.Currently, mail is sorted manually at the route level by the delivery agent on his route.  Future changes will include pres-sequence of the majority of mail making the carriers job to simply deliver.

Examples of changes:

Deliveries will begin earlier because of the pre sorting

Potential hours will change to allow for more delivery and collections

Low emission vehicles will be used

Agents will be able to deliver parcel, letters, and collect mail along the way

The USPS Striving for Better Zip Code Partnerships

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The USPS Striving for Better Zip Code Partnerships

The USPS is looking to improve its relationship with top zip code database providers like  There
seems to be a lot of old and out dated zip code data in the market being promoted as Free zip code data.  The USPS has not authorized these vendors to give away old zip code data and to promote it as new data.  There are very few authorized zip code database resllers like zipcodedownload.

At zipcodedownload we are proud of our 12 year partnership with the Unitest States Postal Service.  For over 10 years we havwe been the #1 provider of zip code data in the world.  We plan to improve and offer more products as we continue to grow.  Thank you for your trust!

Zip Code Customer Profile - Shipzi

Zip Code Customer Profile - Shipzi

Every now and then we like to profile different customers that use Zip code Download and see the fun and exciting ways that they use our zip code database.  A few months back we launched our new Zip Code API to tons of happy customers.  The zip code web service On-demand distribution provides the perfect complement to your current distribution channels by shrinking your time-to-market and dramatically lowering the barriers to adoption for your customers. You can give new products the launch support they need to gain traction in the market and drive immediate demand and revenue.

Shipzi, a cloud based multi-carrier shipping platform was one of our first customers to sign up with the zip code web service API.  Tyler at Shipzi said it was easy to implement and now they no longer worry about having accurate up to date zip code data.

Way to go Shipzi!

Zip Code Software Packages Available

Zip Code Software Packages Available

There are many zip code software packages available for purchase today, some very costly, some use old data, some Free (Stay away) and a smattering priced somewhere in between the two. Zipcodedownload is the #1 rate zip code supplier in the world and has been the leader in zip code databases since 2002....

Different ways to use a zip code database

Different ways to use a zip code database

How about Dating and Valentine's Day? One company decided to sift through household, gender, city and neighborhood data in America.  The goal to find the best place for singles that match you.  The company used data sets for many thousands of ZIP codes, then sliced, diced and manipulated the zip code database using data analysis and statistical software.  They determined that labor markets are typically the determining factor. Men outnumber women in regions that have a higher proportion of technology, manufacturing and construction jobs. Women outnumber men most in places with more professional services jobs and in bigger cities.

Local industries may play a large role in gender populations for cities. Neighborhoods are a more genuine reflection of where people want to live. So for each of the 10 largest metropolitan areas, he calculated the ZIP codes with the highest ratio of men to women, and women to men.

The zip code database from was an essential peice in compiling the data.  Now you know where to go to look for a date.

USA and Canada - ZIP Code Web Service

USA and Canada - ZIP Code Web Service

Zipcodedownload has launched a new USA and Canada ZIP Code Web Service to help you Build Smarter Zip Code & Geocode Applications.  We are really excited to launch this new service, the first of it's kind in the market.  Zipcodedownload has been the leader in Zip Code data for the last 11+ years and we are proud to be the first to launch a zip code API for our customers.

Here are a few points of interest:

  • Build applications in days, not months

  • Eliminate in-house data management costs

  • Slash development costs

  • Eliminate data management headaches

  • No software, no hardware, no worries

  • USA & Canadian Data with GEO Codes

Go ahead and put your zip code data on autodrive and reap the benefits!

Click Here to learn more...