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How to Change Your Account Information

How to Change Your Account Information

On a regular basis, many of our clients forget their passwords. For automatic downloading, the correct password must be included in the link in order to begin the download process. Because forgetting your password is a common occurrence, we have two options that will help you remember your password:

(a) Select the “Forgot password?” link on the “Log In” page
(b) Contact customer support through our contact form or direct email

Note: If you are trying the “Forgot password?” link and the system is saying that your username does not exist, do not panic. Our system has switched over to a new database that is having trouble re-activating accounts for users who do not remember their password from the previous system. In this case, please contact customer support and they will activate your account for you.

For many reasons, customers may want to change the information on their ZIP Code Download account such as name, email, address, or password.  Once logged in, a customer may change their information. To change your password, you must provide your current password. See steps and screenshot below.