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» ZIP Code List

Thousands of our customers benefit from the ZIP Code List that we offer. ZIP code lists are used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Verifying customer information
  • Segmenting customers
  • Sending accurate mail and reducing mail returns
  • Determining the distance between two ZIP codes
  • Providing a store locator to customers

The ZIP code list is a valuable source of information and having up-to-date and accurate data is crucial. Our ZIP code lists come directly from the USPS, so our customers can rest assured that the data is accurate and valid.

In addition to our ZIP code list, we offer other, critical information. We provide corresponding Area Codes, UTC Shift, ZIP Types, County Names, Geocodes, and more!

You can format your company ZIP code list to include additional information as well such as payment history, recent purchases, and other buyer behaviors. Segmenting by ZIP code allows your business to understand how to serve your customers better.

ZIP code lists help you keep your data clean and scrubbed. Imagine trying to contact a customer who has a ZIP code not recognized by the USPS. Clean and accurate data keeps your business running as smoothly as possible.

When shipping products, coordinating outside sales operations, and managing other logistical business operations, knowing the distance between two ZIP codes helps you save time and money. Your salespeople will become more efficient and your truck drivers will use less gas when delivering goods.

Finally, owning a ZIP code list with corresponding store information and a radius API, customers can discover local business locations near them. This will draw in more business for your company and increase customer awareness of your company’s reach.

Area codes began back in the mid-19th century by AT&T to help facilitate phone traffic. The lower the number, the higher the population that number represented. While this system worked at the time, society has grown. With this growth, the sophistication of phone numbers has grown too.

Make owning a ZIP code list a vital part of your business’ intelligence and start growing today.  You can also find SIC and NAICS information here.