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What are the Benefits of Geolocation?

What are the Benefits of Geolocation?

Geolocation is a word most people do not know what it means. It is actually a very simple concept. It is something like tracking or remote positioning. These positions are marked on a map either using the IP address of a computer or alternatively using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). These are typically contained on smartphones. The function of the system closely resembles the operation of the GPS system which is used to navigate roads. This system has caught on due to its proficiency with the marketing industry.

Among the potential uses for this system include the ability to remotely transmit advertisements to the devices which people carry when they enter a certain location. Such services include Foursquare and Gowalla. They have a format which resembles the typical social networking platform. Through this medium, businesses exchange information and they communicate with each other and with their potential customers. This is an effective method of advertisement because an ad is transmitted whenever the recipient device has enter a particular geographical location. Hence it being known as the Gelocation system.

This has become successful due to the ability to target your consumer base directly. This is proportional to their geographical location, then you can have products in that location which would potentially interest them. Popular information  transmitted include offers or promotions designed to entice a person to buy the product. This system also caters for the convenience of the customer, as when they revive the advertisement, they know that they are within walking distance of the outlet. This makes purchasing swift and convenient for all.

The system also boasts the ability to search a database of businesses upon the user request. The user can just enter a name of a business or product and the information about the closest outlet in relation to them will be displayed.

These functions have the additional ability to fuse with popular social networks which include Facebook and Twitter. This allows the business information to be transmitted in the form of tweets or notifications which will be received by the user when they access the network. Geolocation is pretty cool, eh?