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USA Zip Code Database

Most Comprehensive Zip Code Data Available

What is a ZIP Code Database?

Looking for a complete and accurate Commercial Zip Code Database? Our 5 digit ZIP Code database products are Commercial Class data perfect for enterprise applications. With over 19 years experience leading the Zip Code and Postal code data markets, our more than 60,000 customers have relied on our accurate and clean data to fill their zip code data needs. Going beyond USPS data, we partner with many providers to create a robust and highly accurate set of products. Our data is delivered monthly and we work hard to provide fast and exceptional support. Zipcodedownload is ready to be your zip code data partner.

  • Accurate: Updated Monthly with USPS updates
  • Comprehensive: All States, Cities, Territories, & PO Boxes Included
  • Options: Basic, Premium, and Commercial Options available
  • Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Simple: CSV, Microsoft Access, Fixed Width, Excel, Tab Delimited (MySQL compatible)
  • Trusted: Used by 60,000+ companies since 2002

Customer Approved

" USA - 5-digit ZIP Code Data Product " works great. Love how easy it is to import into my previous Access DB - and you can't beat the price! I have had ZERO problems and will continue using this product. Have already recommend it to several other businesses. - Don Glasgow / United Stations Radio Networks

Zip Code Database

Sample preview of 5 digit zip code premium product

ZipCode ZipType CityName CityType StateName StateAbbr AreaCode Latitude Longitude
12521 S Craryville D NewYork NY 518/838 42.18132 -73.65564
20732 S Chesapeake Beach D Maryland MD 410/443/667 38.658350 -76.546880
24590 S Scottsville D Virginia VA 443 37.810811 -78.51284
27313 S Pleasant Garden D North Carolina NC 336/743 35.952898 -79.75719
38552 S Chestnut Mound D Tennessee TN 615/629 36.187343 -85.84263
58021 S Davenport D North Dakota ND 701 46.715969 -97.06912
63141 S Saint Louis D Missouri MO 314/636 38.659172 -90.45663
81231 U Gunnison D Colorado CO 970 38.548638 -106.9186
97533 P Murphy D Oregon OR 458/541 42.339015 -123.2863

Personal Customer Support

We pride ourselves in offering a highly trained and knowledgeable Support Department based in the United States. We offer individual care to any needs and respond quickly through chat and email. You can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality of care. Contact us at

Learn Why Over 65,000 Companies World Wide Trust Zipcodedownload For Their Zip Code Data

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your zip code data differ from USPS data?

USPS data is the main foundation for our zip code data. As they update their data every month we provide the updated data to our customers. However, our data is more accurate and extensive as we append additional fields to improve the data for our customers.

2. Why should you choose ZIP Code Download over its competitors?

All ZIP Code data is not the same – Here at ZIP Code Download we update our database every month with all Zip Code changes made by the USPS, so you know you are getting the most accurate data available. We make our database useful and user friendly by enhancing with additional data such as area codes, latitude and longitude coordinates, and MSA Codes. Many of our competitors rarely update their data and use data that is months or even years old.

3. Your competitors say they are better - Is your data really better?

60,000 customers, including all of the Fortune 500, Universities, government agencies around the world can’t be wrong. All rely on Zipcodedownload to provide them up to date and accurate zip code and postal code data.

4. How are Latitude and longitude calculated?

Most latitude and longitude coordinates are centroid based. In other words, they're in the exact "center" of the ZIP Code. In cases where the ZIP Code includes a large unpopulated area, the coordinates may be population based.

5. How will your zip code data improve my business?

Our database can guarantee your data integrity. Are you tired of your customers entering incorrect information on your web forms? Let your frustration be a thing of the past, because with the ZIP Code Download data, you have a totally accurate source of information. You can check every users’ information against the Zip Code Database. You’ll know right away whether or not match is found, and can redirect the customer to enter correct information if they failed to provide accurate information. If you're looking for the most effective solution, get ZIP Code Download's ZIP Code Database in either the Basic, Premium, or Commercial version. Also available is Canadian Postal Code Data