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#1 Rated Zip Code Distance, Location, and Radius API

Multi Function ZIP Code API is a RESTful service with JSON and XML response data types.

The Zip Code API is Perfect for:
  • Covers U.S. Zip Codes and Canadian Postal Codes
  • Address form autocompletion and validation
  • Distance, Radius, location and more
  • Find Zip Codes
  • RESTful Service with JSON/XML Response
  • Accurate licensed data, updated monthly

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Can be used as an Auto-Fill to make your forms faster when entering the zip code.

City StAb 50001
52.5645, -52.5645

Limit reached
Calculate Distance in ZIP Codes

Calculate the distance between two ZIP codes.

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Find ZIP Code in Radius

Find list of all ZIP codes that fall in the given radius from a ZIP code.

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Get City to ZIP Code

Get a list of all ZIP codes with provided city name.

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Zip Code Details

Get detailed information on any U.S. ZIP Code or Canadian Postal Code.

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Filter List of ZIPs by distance

Get distances between the provided ZIP code combinations and filter by distance.

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ZIP Code Filter

Get details of the exact ZIP code with possible values.

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