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Fast. Simple. Extremely Accurate.

ZIP Code Download's Distance Wizard is an exceptionally fast and easy-to-use programming interface for accurately calculating the distance between two points on the Earth's surface. It is available with full source code in 16 different programming languages , including cut-and-paste sample code as well as complete documentation .

Add Postal Code Search Capabilities to your Website or Software

Thousands of companies throughout the world trust Distance Wizard to perform accurate distance-based postal code searches. Distance Wizard, when combined with a complete ZIP/postal code database , becomes a powerful tool in locating practically anything. A good example would be your nearest store locations to a given ZIP code.

Distance Wizard is not a stand-alone software application. This product is fully documented source code you can add to your development project. Supported languages include:

Microsoft SQL 2000+
MySQL 5+
Oracle 9+
Visual Basic 6
VBA (Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel)


  1.   One or more computer programmers familiar with any of the above languages.
  2.   A postal code database containing latitude and longitude coordinates.

Distance Wizard is built to work seamlessly with ZipCodeDownload.com's zip code databases .

Distance Wizard Professional = Less Processing Time

Distance Wizard Pro is the fastest around.

Distance Wizard knows how to help speed up your database queries. Tens of thousands to millions of rows would normally be compared against the center point to find the nearest few.

Distance Wizard Professional includes a smart boundary calculator to limit the number of computations made from tens of thousands or even millions to just dozens.

(Shorter bars indicate higher performance.)

Additional Features and Benefits

- Exponentially faster than competitor's software
- The most diverse distance API available (16 different programming and query languages)
- Integrates well with any ZIP/postal code database
- Professional Edition substantial for large-scale and high-volume applications
- The most complete documentation of any competitor

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