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Competitor Analysis

Why should you choose ZIP Code Download over its competitors?

  • All ZIP Code data is not the same - ZIP Code Download updates its data monthly and is a licensed redistributor of official USPS ZIP Code data and accurate Canadian Postal Code data. We enhance the official data by adding information such as area codes, latitude and longitude coordinates, and MSA Codes. Many of our competitors obtain their data from third-party sources and update it rarely (if at all).
  • Priced lower than the competition - Why pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for data you could purchase for $19.95 to $39.95? Because we deliver our products via internet download and specialize in ZIP Code data, we are able to keep our costs low and pass these savings on to our customers. ZIP Code Download has always been priced under its competition.
  • A site license for every product - You'll never need to worry about purchasing additional licenses for each computer in your office. Every product sold by ZIP Code Download includes a site license.
  • Updated and verified monthly - ZIP Code Download releases updated ZIP Code data monthly and it releases the latest data. Most of our competitors release their updates a month after the USPS or Canada Post release their updates. Choose ZIP Code Download if you want the most current data available.
  • Available for immediate download - No need to wait for the mail and pay shipping costs with ZIP Code Download. The second you purchase our product, it is ready to be downloaded and used. When we say that our data is available for immediate download, we mean it.
  • Comes in many different formats - When you purchase data from ZIP Code Download, you'll receive the data in many different formats such as MS Excel or Access, fixed-width format, CSV, tab delimited, etc. You can choose to download one or all the different formats at no extra cost. Many of our competitors either encrypt the data into a proprietary format or offer it in limited formats.
  • Personal customer support - ZIP Code Download offers personal customer support. You can either use our contact form or email our support department at to receive assistance from knowledgable support reps.
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