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ZIP Code API | The Best Alternative to the USPS API

Did you know? The USPS has a ZIP Code API that is provided to developers with access to the data found in the official USPS ZIP Code database. Unfortunately, having access to the USPS Zip Code API leaves developers frustrated and unhappy. The USPS API is lethargic, poorly documented and not supported.

Those who have tried to use any of the USPS APIs, know exactly what I’m talking about. Before we built our industry leading Zip Code API based on the USPS data, we spent nearly two years attempting to work with the USPS API. We finally had to give up and create our own. Fortunately for our customers, you can access ALL of the USPS ZIP Code data through our highly rated zip code API.

(You can try the Zip CodeDownload API for free - right now!)

Zip Code API

Customer Approved

" ZIPCodeDownload - Zip Code API " works awesome. It's really simple to integrate into our website - and you can't beat the price! I've had zero difficulties and will continue using this product. - Grace Jones


As you evaluate ZIP Code validation options, Here's some of the details you may want to consider:

  • Price
  • API Quality
  • Accuracy Needs


Some providers will give you ZIP Codes for free. After all, the USPS is happy to give you the ZIP Codes you need to make their delivery job easier. Usually, the zip code data you get is old, outdated and inaccurate. How does that help your customers?

Companies need real time, up to date, and accurate data - with the Zipcodedownload API you have access in realtime to the most accurate USPS and Canada zip code data. Additionally, most free services will restrict you to a one-at-a-time usage that keeps you from overloading their system. With larger quantities you're looking for a provider that is willing to process your data and return them in a timely manner. Zipcodedownload has tens of thousands of customers around the world currently using their zip code services. You can trust

API Quality

The Zip Code API provides access to resources (data entities) via URI paths. To use a REST API, your application will make an HTTP request and parse the response. By default, the response format is XML. Because the REST API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API.

Simply plug into our API and you will immediately start enjoying the benefits of accurate and verified zip code and postal code data.

Lookup any zip code and have real-time accuracy. Our zip code lookup has been trusted to enhance business operations and customer satisfaction since 2002. We provide a seamless experience from checkout to delivery with our zip code lookup and USPS certified data.

Accuracy Needs

With over 40,000 zip codes in the US and changes to zip code data every month, you need a USPS data partner to provide you with accurate and real zip code data. Zipcodedownload is that company.

Looking for a complete and accurate Commercial Zip Code Database? Our ZIP Code Database products are Commercial Class data perfect for enterprise applications. With over 19 years experience leading the Zip Code and Postal code data markets, our more than 60,000 customers have relied on our accurate and clean data to fill their zip code data needs. Going beyond USPS data, we partner with many providers to create a robust and highly accurate set of products. Our data is delivered monthly and we work hard to provide fast and exceptional support. Zipcodedownload is ready to be your zip code data partner.

If you're really serious about getting your ZIP Codes, speed is important. You need a lot of ZIP Codes, you need them fast, and likely you need them on a regular basis. Our zip code API is perfect for your needs.

Sign up with a test account today to see how our API can become your zip code service.