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Last Update : May, 2024
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On-Demand USA & Canadian Zip Code Web Services


  • Build applications in days, not months

  • Eliminate in-house data management costs

  • Slash development costs

  • Eliminate data management headaches

  • No software, no hardware, no worries

  • USA & Canadian Data with GEO Codes

Developers Click Here for Documentation


Build Smarter Zip Code & Geocode Applications with Zipcodedownload Web Service:


Cloud Computing Scalability

USA and Canadian Zip Code & Geo Code data is available for any volume level. Zipcodedownload handles millions of service requests per month and employs Amazon elastic cloud computing(EC2) for very high volume applications.

Reduce Time-to-Market for New Products

On-demand distribution provides the perfect complement to your current distribution channels by shrinking your time-to-market and dramatically lowering the barriers to adoption for your customers. You can give new products the launch support they need to gain traction in the market and drive immediate demand and revenue.

The Most Comprehensive ZIP Code Data Available

The most comprehensive, accurate, and complete source of USA Zip Code & Geo Codes, and Canadian Postal Code data is yours. These are the same great products you have come to love from Zipcodedownload available as an On-Demand web service. Perfect for making your website or product more interactive.

What Data is Included?

Click on the links below to learn more about the USA and Canadian Data including Schema, Features & Benefits:


Click here to learn about the USA Commercial Zip5 Database

Click here to Learn More about the Canada - 6-digit Postal Code Data


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Uses of Web Service
  • Easy to consume in your live applications
  • Auto-Update monthly
  • A RESTful Web Service
  • Return XML

(You can try the Zip Code Download Web Service for free - right now!)

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