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» Geocode Database: What You Should Know About Geocode Databases

Geocode Database

History of Geocodes

Geocode  data has become increasingly more relevant over the last decade. Some of the reasons for its rise in importance are the world wide use of GPS, smartphones, and website store locators. All of these technologies need geocode data in order to function properly.

What is a Geocode?

Geocodes are nothing but a combination of latitude and longitude coordinates that specify a distinct geographic point in the world.

In the third century BC, Eratosthenes came up with the brilliant idea of creating a latitude and longitude system to map out the entire world. Today, geocodes are used for GPS devices for a variety of purposes (including the popular game of geocaching).

Why own a Geocode Database?

Store Locator

With a geocode database, customers and companies can use coordinates to find the distance between two locations. When coordinated with a ZIP code database, a geocode database can use a customer’s ZIP code to help them locate your stores, products, and the distance from the user. This has proven to increase visits and revenue to companies by bringing in more customers - more frequently.

Geodata = Improved Logistics

To businesses, having a geocode database is an important tool in their handling of logistics. Geocode information can help facilitate the shipping process of packaged goods. For instance, knowing the distance, in miles, between two ZIP codes can help you plan costs, travel time, and route patterns.

Improving Sales Efforts

Combining a geocode database with your own company’s database can create the ultimate sales intelligence. Knowing what stores are doing the best and which customers they are attracting helps you learn more about your business’ performance on a whole new level.

Dedicating a budget to the management of geocode data and ZIP code data will pay for itself within only a few months. Purchasing from a provider that you trust is critical in this case because being off by only a few numbers can end up costing you millions of dollars.