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» Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database - for the 118th US Congress (Redistribution)

Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database - for the 116th US Congress (Redistribution)
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Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database includes:
Zip Code
City Name
County Name
County FIPS
State Abbr
State FIPS
State Name
Congressional District
Coverage Percent
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Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database provides a current listing of 118th Congressional Districts by ZIP Code. The Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database lists all ZIP codes andcounties which lie within the boundaries of every congressional district in each of the fifty states. This database lists every combination of ZIP code and congressional district which exists.

Nearly 15 percent of all ZIP codes cross congressional district boundaries, ZIP code boundaries simply do not align with congressional district boundaries. This database identifies the ZIP codes which lie in multiple districts and the districts they lie in.

Using the Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database, you can find every ZIP code which lies partially or completely within a given congressional district. Or you can find all congressional districts which contain some portion of a particular ZIP code. You also can find the cities, counties, and county FIPS codes associated with each congressional district.

You can use the Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database to identify target ZIP codes for acquiring mailing lists of voters within a congressional district. The full database contains approximately 64,000 records and is updated monthly.

The Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database includes a "Know your Representative" file containing contact information for each member or delegate of the 118th US Congress. This file lists the name, state, district, DC office address, telephone number, fax number, email, and website contact information for all Members of Congress.

Our Congressional Districts 5 digit ZIP Code Database is put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. The Congressional District Zip+4 files are available in the following formats: comma-separated values, fixed-width format, and tab-delimited format. All formats are included with your purchase, and they can be imported into most databases and spreadsheets.

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Field Data Type Description
ZIPCode char(5) ZIP stands for Zoning Improvement Plan. It is used to signify a delivery route in the United States as designated by the USPS. In most cases a ZIP Code is a geographic region with a center point.
City Name varchar(50) The name of the city (and in some cases, organization) designated by that ZIP Code or postal code.
County FIPS varchar(50) Each county in the United States is assigned a unique number for identification purposes - a Federal Information Processing Standards or FIPS code. The County FIPS code is a combination of a 2-digit state FIPS code as well as a 3-digit county code as designated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
State Abbr varchar(50) A state code or abbreviation is a two character designation for that state - for example, California is CA and Texas is TX, etc.
State FIPS varchar(50) A state FIPS is a two-digit code used to uniquely define each state as designated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
State Name varchar(50) A state in our database is a state, territory, province, or region as designated by the USPS. The database includes all United States territories and possessions that have been assigned ZIP Codes.
Congressional District varchar(50) A standard value identifying a geographic area within the United States served by a member of the US House of Representatives or Senate. If Army/Air Force (APO) or fleet post office (FPO), this column will be blank. If there is only one member of Congress within a state, the code will be AL (at large).
Coverage Percentage varchar(50) Total number of percentage covered by Zip Code in a Congressional District

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